About Us

Goemans Lakeshore Meats LTD. is a family owned and operated business that has established a strong following due to our sincere dedication to customer service while providing uncompromised quality meats to our many customers.

Many great things can be taken from the past and the distinct value of tradition is one of them. Goemans Lakeshore Meats LTD. was founded on the principles of a strong work ethic while providing superior quality cuts of meats and valued customer service. Those ideals were pioneered by Tom and Wil Goemans who founded the business in 1965 and continue to be reinforced by current owners Adrian and Cathy Goemans.

Boasting a talented and knowledgeable staff of eighteen, this includes three qualified meat cutters who are easily accessible for custom orders and special cuts. Our staff works diligently to provide superior customer service while serving behind over 120′ of meat counters.

We worked hard to establish our reputation for providing our mouth-watering store made Italian sausage that is available in mild, medium or hot as well as honey garlic and Octoberfest. If you feel daring, be sure to try our suicide flavoured sausage or even our chicken sausage for a refreshing change. It goes without saying that all of our sausages are made of pure pork and have absolutely no fillers or preservatives which means a healthier and tastier product for your dinner table.

We continue to strive to provide quality products that are innovative and delicious on your dinner table. We have long championed ourselves as the creators of the mouth watering Texas Hen that is a sure hit in any household. Our London Broils, stuffed roasts and chops and racks of lamb have all gained a loyal following. Whether you are preparing your dinner on the stove, in the oven, or on the barbecue, our variety of salads which are made fresh daily, are sure to compliment your meal. If you are not sure how to prepare a certain cut of meat, please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members who would be happy to provide you with creative tips and recipes.

At Goemans Lakeshore Meats LTD, we pride ourselves in the fact that only corn fed beef raised in Ontario are butchered for our counters. We can appreciate that customers value quality meats which is why all of our cuts come from federally inspected suppliers who do not feed their cattle bio-products. By allowing our customers to have ‘piece-of-mind’ while shopping in our retail store, we know that you will enjoy our various cuts of meat knowing that we always have your best interests at heart. We take a concerted interest in the aging process of the various cuts of meats that line our counters to ensure that each is tender, exquisite and aged to perfection.