Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day (don’t panic just yet!) and we have you covered.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner why not celebrate all the Mother’s in your life and show them how much you care.  Many of our Moms have spent lot’s of years cooking and preparing wonderful meals for us and perhaps some still do!  Why not give them a meal they will enjoy this Sunday!

We are bringing back our BBQ Bundles and featuring them this Mother’s Day weekend!

For just 29.99 you get 8 Hot Dogs, 8 Storemade Patties (your choice of Hot Pork, Mild Pork, Mild Beef or Mild Beef with Garlic) and 8 Sausage (available in Hot, Mild, Octoberfest or Honey Garlic) this is a great treat the whole family can enjoy!

For the Mom’s in my life and the wonderful Moms who support us at the store I say “Thank You!”

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do.  For listening to us, supporting ups, teaching and guiding us.  As a Mother you wear many hats.  You are the doctor or nurse, the teacher, the guidance councillor, the Mentor, our confidant, a friend, a cook, the cleaner, our personal secretary, the administrator, our banker, a taxi driver, but most importantly you are the role model and play in important role in the person we are today.

Happy Mother’s Day

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