Why Buy local?

There has been a lot of discussion in the news lately on the quality of the food we consume.  From the additives and preservatives that are put in food, products being chemically altered, lower food standards on imported food, not to mention the increase in food recalls.  This is why it is so important to buy local.  Have knowledge of where your food comes from.  Support your farmers within our region.  In our store we know how important fresh quality meat is.  We have a staff of 3 butchers on hand and everything is cut FRESH each day in our store.  Our meat is Hormone and Antibiotic free and is raised locally.  We take pride in our selection of products and the meat we select.  When you come in to our store you can often hear Scott say “Our Meat is just as tender as a mother’s loving heart”.

This January our family started eating Clean.  What is clean eating you ask?  Clean Eating is about enjoying Fresh Whole Foods.  Foods in it’s natural state. Clean Eating eliminates processed foods, foods with lots of added sugars, added fats and foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Stay Tuned for great Clean Eating recipes!


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